Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ryan is Rarely, if ever, mentioned in articles about Obama's Visit to Depressed Racine. "No Fault" Ryan?

Has anyone noticed the lack of interest to bring 1st District Rep. Paul Ryan to Racine and make the case for Bucyrus International or even meet with President Obama when he visits?

Obama invited the public to attend a round table discussion on the economy in Racine, a city suffering under 14.2 percent unemployment, second highest in the state and nearly double its jobless rate two years ago.
Has anyone noticed that this is Paul Ryan's district, and the end result of the recent Republican policies that brought about the Great Recession. Not Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus (who) said:

It was a “dangerous move” for the president to come to Wisconsin, given that the state has lost tens of thousands of jobs since the stimulus passed. “I think he’s going to be met with despair and disgust when he’s in Racine. It just personified failure when he comes to that area. … This is sort of like being witness to a bad accident.”
Again, this is Ryan's district. Paul Ryan. "Road Map" Ryan. Rocknetroots pointed out Priebus' not so complimentary description of Ryan's district as "a bad accident." WOW!!! I wonder how voters in Racine/Kenosha/Janesville are taking that news flash?

My conservative friend called me about Obama's visit and during the conversation wondered if Sen. Russ Feingold would dare show up and address the area's problems. He never mentioned Ryan. It didn't even occur to him. But under Ryan's oversight:

The city … is struggling with a loss of manufacturing jobs … Chrysler is closing its engine plant in nearby Kenosha and General Motors last year shut down its plant in Janesville, about an hour to the west.
Ryan is completely off the hook for supporting the bank bailouts and turning his back on Chrysler and the American auto industry, not to mention supporting the policies that encouraged the loss of manufacturing in Wisconsin. You would think even the local tea party would have noticed:

Nancy Milholland, 47, an unemployed sales manager and organizer of the Racine County Tea Party, said “We feel ignored. This administration is on the wrong side of the voters and it’s like they’re not listening.”
Did Nancy said anything over the last ten years to Rep. Ryan? Nancy is a little too late in demanding freedom and liberty when she lost after the economy tanked. If you don't have a job or money, you don't really have those symbolic constitutional guarantees.

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