Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scott Walker's "Smoke and Mirrors" Style of Government, as told by his GOP Rival, Mark Neumann.

While other Republican controlled states have temporarily increased their sales tax by 1 percent to pay for public education and services during the Great Recession, Wisconsin conservatives running for governor would much rather dismantle everything and hold true to their no tax increase pledge. That said, the GOP primary candidates are now punching it out in public for everyone to see. It would be good to refresh your memory with an earlier reported story by Joel McNally in the Capital Times (sorry, in 2008 I didn't provide the necessary link to McNally's actual article. I know better now.).

At BloggingBlue is a quick but revealing look at the race. It may be the best thing that could happen to their Democratic opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett:
Neumann’s taking off the gloves

As noted by xoff over at Uppity Wisconsin, the Republican gubernatorial race is starting to get rough. Earlier today, Mark Neumann showed up outside the office of fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker to attack Walker for his fiscal record as Milwaukee County Executive. Complete with charts and graphs, Neumann hammered home the point that spending in Milwaukee County government has increased faster during Scott Walker’s term(s) in office than spending has in state government during the two terms of Gov. Jim Doyle, who conservatives have made a sport of attacking as being a fiscally irresponsible “big spender.”

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