Sunday, June 27, 2010

Huglight best Reading light yet! This is not an ad, but a consumer tip.

If you're like me, than you've tried thousands of reading lights out there. Many short circuit after a few months. Yes, they do don't they.

Having said that, I've only had mine for about 3 weeks, but since they aren't really bent this way and that (like in the ad), they should last a long time. And at $10 bucks a piece, come on! Their turning up locally at a home improvement center here, but they're pretty cheap online. This ad has the typical and rip-off oriented "free, you pay for shipping" crap, so I would buy locally or on line at their site. Or not at all, since I'm only reporting, letting you decide.

Each Hug Light tip has 2 super-bright LEDs, one focused beam and one wide beam, so it’s right for any job

The foam-covered steel alloy arms are strong enough to hold the beam steady, yet flexible enough to point the light precisely where you need it

They’re so flexible, you can even coil the Hug Light like a snake and stand it up

Guys love it for home repairs and other jobs around the house


  1. I ordered a Huglight from The offer was buy one for $10 and get another for shipping costs only ($6.99) for a total of $23.98. So, I ordered two. What happened was they processed and shipped four Huglights and charged me almost $50!

    No problem, right? The confirmation email said wait TWO BUSINESS DAYS before calling customer service. I ordered on a Saturday. I emailed customer service immediately requesting my order be amended, then waited until Tuesday to call with a follow up. The lady told me the items had already shipped. She told me that I could return the order and get a $10 refund but no shipping refund.

    What a ripoff!

  2. My order worked out for me. I think they're charging you for the two lights, and the two "free" lights at $7 a piece.

    It's confusing, but you should have ordered the one, and got the other for $7 if you only wanted 2.

    I'm not defending them, but I see how the bonus light doubled your order, and price.

    I don't understand the $10 refund, or why you would return the lights without calling them and explaining you want the two lights only, and a refund of $23.98 for the other two. They should RTM it.

    Great light, even if the order got screwed up.

    Thanks for the heads up for anyone thinking of ordering.