Monday, June 7, 2010

Corporate America's ties to the Supreme Court

While Rep. Paul Ryan makes the outlandish claim that liberal regulation of business is fascism, and deregulation is the only way to seperate that entanglement, the real danger lies in the third branch of government; the Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court is meant to provide liberty and justice for all, but some claim it no longer does. Critics say big business holds too much sway over the legal body.

The separation of powers is a clause in the US constitution intended for the three branches of government – the President, Congress and the court. It could be argued, however, that lately there is also someone else in charge. Recently, expressed its concern in the Washington Post about the tight knit relationship between corporate America and the Supreme Court. It calls out the Supreme Court for being too close to companies like Aetna, British Petroleum and Goldman Sachs. The article says the Supreme Court was founded to protect the American people, not big businesses.

Radio host Thom Hartmann has been talking about the issue for a long time.

“Most Americans don’t realize that we’re getting screwed, and it’s the Supreme Court that’s doing it,” he said.

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