Friday, June 25, 2010

Clueless Tea Party Crazy Sharron Angle supports "Honest" lower paying jobs to raise American Families. Get used to it.

In a jobless recession and recovery, the last thing the unemployed worker is able to work. But Republicans and tea party whiners both have acted like the global crash the U.S. created is a bump in the road, a minor inconvenience on the way to getting government out of our lives completely. Ceding the peoples governmental sovereignty to private business is an unusual way to obtain liberty and freedom. What's not to like about unelected CEO governance?

Nevada candidate Sharron Angle thinks employer/employee unemployment insurance is an entitlement, and that lower paying "honest" jobs should be incentive enough for individuals to give up their higher unemployment checks to pay their bills and raise their families. Makes sense to her. Can you say "race to the bottom?"

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