Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Crackpot Ayn Rander, Sen. Candidate Ron Johnson, So Upset by Health Care Reform he Stutters and Stammers his Outrage.

Nice try Sen. candidate Ron Johnson, but that was your true little story about Fox News and Dick Morris suggesting that a millionaire run against Russ Feingold. (see below video)

Like Rep. Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson is another Ayn Rander. He's more concerned with balancing the government books than what horrors await the American public when Social Security and Medicare are done away with.

The cold brutality of money management and corporate tax cuts, Johnson's most important campaign issues, is stunning. There is no mention of reducing the growing number of Americans in poverty, the problem of lower wages with fewer benefits and chronic joblessness, these problems just aren't on Ron Johnson's radar.

Johnson worries about the "producers" being outnumbered by those receiving "the benefits." As Johnson explains, "have (we) reached that tipping point where people contributing into the system vs those taking from the system" favors the takers.

It's not like the producers don't have vacations, wealth to buy things, go wherever and whenever they want, and live out their dreams. But rich Americans worry the poor, who don't have any of the above mentioned benefits, are taking the their ("the producers") hard earned money to just "survive." How horrific and selfish of the needy, which now includes the middle class.

Here's Johnson's cute little story, the one he proudly told:

Johnson hopes to capitalize on the fact he has no prior political experience.
"I was sitting at home watching FOX News when Dick Morris came on and said 'Feingold is vulnerable. If you're a rich guy from Wisconsin, step up to the plate.' I kind of looked at (my wife) Jane and said 'is he talking to me?'," said Johnson. "This is not me buying a Senate race."

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