Monday, June 21, 2010

Sen. Candidate Dave Westlake Thinks Cutting Jobs Okay. Conservative Elitist Know-it-alls Should Decide Good Jobs from Bad.

We're still in and trying to come out of the Great Recession; 9 percent unemployment; and a frightened public is waiting for the next ball to

Senate candidate Dave Westlake says: "We have to LIKE cutting jobs in government."

Heck, public workers don't need the money or have families. If they really wanted to, they could easily hop right into another none existent private sector job. And those that can't find work during a jobless recession are lazy, determined to use other peoples money to live the sweet life of plasma TV, food stamps and free health care.

WisPolitics: Westlake said he would seek to cut the number of federal employees and shrink the size of government. He said bureaucracies that could be “easily cut” include the Department of Education, saying education is a state issue, and the Department of Energy. He also said the Internal Revenue Service could be cut back on or possibly eliminated.
These are working class, middle class families, who live and spend in our communities just like private sector workers. But because there aren't as many private sector workers anymore because of conservative economic policies, according to Westlake, we should increase public sector jobless numbers. That'll get us back on track. He really is a tea party idiot.

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