Wednesday, June 2, 2010

James O'Keefe Lied About ACORN, and Now Goes After Census Workers.

James O'Keefe continues to create situations that put government workers in awkward positions. Oddly, when it comes to his ridiculous expose on census work, O'Keefe wastes more taxpayer money than he complains about in his video where he got paid for hours he didn't work (the class did the 8 hour subject matter in less time). Good Morning America's George Stephenopolis hold this fraud accountable.

The training classes are over a period of 4 days, 8 hours a day. Sometimes the classes cover more ground than planned, and let out earlier than anticipated. The attendees crammed 8 hours into six, but still got paid for 8. Ouch, how overpaid and unfair. It's not naywhere close to being in the field, lying about your work hours. In another Dodo"awkward" moment, he complains, "I don't want to be committing perjury or anything." Perjury? Uh, this isn't a courtroom.

Two more things.

With O'Keefe's recent convictions, he probably would not have qualified for the census, and I could only assume he lied when he took the initial test to screen applicants (one month before the classes). The fingerprint session during one of the classes would have bounced him out once checked, again wasting taxpayer money.

Second, O'Keefe wasted taxpayer dollars by taking the classes, and then quiting after just two days. He filled a seat in class that could have been used by someone who needed a job for the next two months. When he quite, that short changed the work force and extended the time workers would be out getting those questionnaires filled out. By the way, workers are limited to 40 hours and NO overtime.

So the most he could find was a guaranteed 32 hours of class time that may not have been exactly 32 hours.

According to O'Keefe, "I'm creating a movement." Ego much?

Oh, and O'Keefe wouldn't deny his racist accounts in his own diary. O'Keefe then plays the victim of character assassination. If the shoe fits ass-dork-hole, where it.

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