Monday, June 14, 2010

Republican State Governments are Never to Blame. It's Always the Democrats.

It's funny how in state gubernatorial races, Democratic governors are to blame for the local economic downturn. But in national congressional races, Republican governors are off the hook and the victims of a Democratic congress that can't mop up the conservative mess fast enough for the folks back home. How does that make sense? Check out the ad below by Americancrossroads:

What seems like bad gubernatorial leadership and an irresponsible Republican state legislature, American Cross Roads wants to shift the blame to the Democratic Congress. Poor Nevada, how will their failed job creation and failed economic Republican theories of government ever have a chance when Washington DC keeps getting in their way?:

While Reid takes credit for taxpayer-funded government projects, we point out the real impact of the Reid/Obama economic agenda on most Nevadans: record foreclosures, falling housing prices, and the second highest unemployment rate in the nation. That’s just one reason why Reid can’t seem to buy any love in his home state, despite spending $10 million of his own political cash, and untold billions of our taxpayer dollars to make himself popular.

Yes, stopping another Great Depression is one way to make yourself popular, if not at least responsible and accountable.

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