Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why Do Democrats Praise John McCain? And Why Does Liberal Madison Wisconsin Only Have a Conservative Newspaper?

In the Forum section of the Sunday Wisconsin State Journal, a topic is normally presented by two opposing viewpoints. Not this time. In a state where Barack Obama leads McCain by a 7 to 14 points, the State Journal decided to present only the pro-McCain point of view with this leading headline, "Shoo-in? Not so fast; McCain, not Obama, may be best bet in Wisconsin."

The column was written by Chris Lato, former communications director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. He is also a right wing extremist of the first order.

Oddly, there was no Democratic perspective included. It was no accident. Pretending balance would take up too much paper. I would assume that shortly after McCain is sworn in as president, and the country continues the current failed economic policies, there will be the typical media mea culpa for not being as critical as it could have been to John McCain.

The Democrats have been winners by default, taking control of Congress only after the Republicans screwed things up, thinking they had a public mandate due to some imagined agenda people were made aware of somehow. Sorry, there was never a clear Democratic message or vision simply presented to the American voters. And when Democrats had an opportunity to define the differences between themselves and Republican ideologues, they soft peddled their opponents deficiencies with complements and compromise. Oh yea, that's called reaching across the isle.

No wonder Democrats look weak and undecided. Take for instance the pathetic performance from politicians who should know better. In McCain's case, there must have been some unwritten rule that before you criticized him, Democrats were obligated to praise is military service, paint him as a POW hero and use the word maverick.

The McCain campaign took notice and are now politely honoring those Democrats with this ad:

Instead of the Republican Party being on the endangered species list, it's the Democrats who can't even capitalize on what could be another great depression.

Good night, and good luck.

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