Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin Has More Experience than Obama AND McCain. Next Question Please

Barack Obama has been fighting the "inexperienced" label for nearly a year, and hasn't had much success.

In less than 10 hours, the Republicans have not only claimed that Gov. Sarah Palin has more experienced than Obama (executive experience that is), but have essentially taken the issue off the table. Now that's marketing.

MSNBC's David Schuster did ask one question that unfortunately never got answered, due to Fmr. Rep. Susan Molinar's Republican techinique of talking over the host, and ignoring the tough question. Schuster asked: Since "she has executive experience and Barack Obama doesn't, isn't it also true that she has more executive experience than John McCain?"

Good one David. That should put an end to the discussion, and an end to the lie.

Not quite yet ... as Craig Crawford settled the dispute by saying "I think we just heard 'the experience argument' is now a wash."

There you have it. In less than a half day, the Republicans successfully badgered the press into submission with the most ridiculous argument about "executive experience."

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