Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bush, Still Stupid, Blames Democrats Again for High Gas Prices Despite Real Cause: Dollars Value

Another Saturday morning presidential address, another load of bullshit. Reality stepped to the fore in the form of two news stories that offered a glimpse into the real reasons for the high gas prices at the pump.

And it doesn’t take a genius to figure this one out either. The “secrets” out. According to AP:

Oil prices tumbled more than $6 a barrel Friday - the biggest one-day
percentage plunge in nearly four years - after a rebounding dollar and a Russian troop pullback in Georgia sparked another frenzied sell-off. (It) reaffirmed the belief that high energy prices are still cutting into consumer demand for fossil fuels in the U.S. and overseas.

Oil plunged on a rebounding dollar, which had been devalued due to the Bush economic meltdown. When the threats to oil producing countries like Russia subside, the price goes down. Another words, a stronger U.S. economy and a less threatening foreign policy produces a cheaper barrel of oil, with both issues controlled by the numbskull in the oval office. But wait, is there another reason…?
President Bush on Saturday blamed the Democratic-led Congress for the high cost of gasoline and renewed his call for expanded offshore drilling to increase U.S. oil supplies. "They've (Democrats) failed to address the challenge of high gas prices," the president said. "They need to send me a bill next month that I can sign so we can bring relief to drivers, small business owners, farmers and ranchers and every American affected by high prices at the pump." Bush said in his weekly radio address.

No Mr. Bush, just stop threatening other oil producing countries and strengthen the U.S. economy, so we can lower the price of gas at the pump. It wouldn’t hurt to act like an adult and take personal responsibility for the current high prices.

Shifting blame is so…Republican.

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