Tuesday, August 19, 2008

99 Bottles Showcases Wisconsin’s Craft Brewing Renaissance

I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life, and as beer lover, I’ve graduated from Pabst, Huber Bock, Schlitz and Miller, to Capital, Lakefront, Lake Louis, Adler, New Glarus  and other craft beers. You know, beers that taste good. It’ll be fun to watch the film version of this march to great beer in Wisconsin again.

Welcome to the 99 Bottles Documentary project.

Mission Statement: Promote exposure and public awareness of the rich and vibrant craft brewing industry. Journey with us into the unique and exploding industry of the microbrewery industrial movement. Focusing on the region of southeastern Wisconsin, we will explore how this industry began to grow from a lose knit circle of home brewer basement boilers to an industry gaining an increasing foothold in a once oligarchic marketplace. Come with us as we search for the taste, people, culture and history of Wisconsin's craft brewing industry.

According to producer David Oplinger, "People are interested in this." Oplinger produced the film with fellow Milwaukeean Glen Popple. Jason Williams of New Berlin is the director.

The film, which runs about 80 minutes, has scenes filmed at several Wisconsin craft breweries, including Lakefront Brewery Inc. in Milwaukee, Sprecher Brewing Co. in Glendale, New Glarus Brewing Co. in New Glarus and Tyranena Brewing Co. in Lake Mills. 

"It sounds like fun," said Russell Klisch, Lakefront president, who was interviewed for the film but hasn't seen it yet. "It's about Wisconsin breweries, so you can't go wrong with that."

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