Sunday, August 31, 2008

John & Cindy McCain Says VP Palin Executive Experience Include Leading PTA

This is the most incredible proof yet that Republicans think they can sell people anything if you just repeat it enough, with a smile. During a brief interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, McCain smiled and appeared stunned anyone would think Gov. Sarah Palin didn’t have the experience for the VP position. From the NBC transcript:

“Facts are funny things,” McCain said, adding that she's “been in office longer than” Obama. It's “almost ludicrous to compare her experience with his -- it's no contest.”

Williams followed up and asked, though, if she was the best choice.

“Oh sure,” McCain said, “in every way.” He went on to again cite her “executive experience,” citing Palin's experience as governor, mayor and leader of the PTA.

You heard it right. Executive experience includes heading up the PTA. Add to that the PART TIME Mayoral job in Wasilla, a town of around 8000 people. Here we have the Republican candidates promising to clean up politics, their party's corruption, essentially making a bad ideological system less criminal.

Cindy McCain has those talking points down, and then some (Russia's threat to Alaska).

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