Saturday, August 16, 2008

Oh No, Harry and Louise are Back …and They're Flip-Floppers.

So, we went all this time without a national health insurance program that covered everyone, because flip-floppers Harry and Louise didn’t get it back in 1993-94?

Theledger reports: Now they're back, making a formal appearance Aug. 19 at the National Press Club, to push for making health-care reform the top domestic priority for the next president and for Congress. Amazing what 15 years of growing difficulty in getting health care, resulting in more uninsured people, including some who never thought they would find themselves in that position, does for people's political agendas. I understand they probably didn't find health insurance, but do you think they've gotten a new kitchen table since the 1990s ad?
Let's take a look back at a time when they were insured and didn't give a rats ass about anybody but themselves. note: I'm glad they're back and working for health care for everyone. Change is good.

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