Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hillary Whiners PUMA and Just Say No Deal Embarrass Themselves on Hardball

On Hardball the other night, I was impressed with David Schuster's relentless line of questioning, when he took on two "Hillary Democrats."

One guest represented P.U.M.A. PAC, the Voice of the Voters, and the other "Just Say No Deal." Schuster wouldn't let up on these two rabid "cult of Hillary" whiners, and proved just how ego centric they are. It was also amazing to see how quickly they were willing to throw the the neediest people in the country under the bus for their "hurt feelings," and the frantic paranoia they so dramatically overstate.

Perhaps this rotting cancerous element, that now resides inside the Democratic Party, will help reform some of the weaker aspects of its recent Congressional performance. On the other hand, it might just be the poison pill that radicalizes the public perception of the party so much that it strengthens the Republican caricature they have so successfully constructed.

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