Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reactable Music Instrument New Musak

In my quest to find the newest fuel efficient cars, I came across this new musical instrument. It's weird and useless, as explained by Wired, but still sounds strange enough for me to imagine it being used for cheesy sci fi direct to DVD's klinkers.

Reactable, an experimental musical instrument developed in Barcelona, inches the world yet closer to the science-fiction future where utility is completely buried by user interface coolness.

As beautiful as it is impractical, Reactable detects the position and rotation of puck-like tuners that operators can slide around its translucent surface. Observe a technological elegance matched only by the skullcrushing horror of the music thus produced.

While a hexagonal version would look perfect in the Galactica's
cafeteria, this device would be better deployed as a military strategy and logistics control system, with the screams of the dying emitting
from the speakers instead of wiry electronica.

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