Friday, August 15, 2008

What's the Difference Between Carnival Barker and Republicans? Nothin'

How Republican is the the U.S.?

A June 17, 2008, Rockefeller Foundation/Time poll seemed to point to a “very” liberal leaning nation.

When "favor strongly" and "favor somewhat" are combined, you get the following percentages for policies favored by overwhelming majorities:

increase the minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living (88 percent); increase government spending on things like public-works projects to create jobs (86 percent); put stricter limits on pollution we put into the atmosphere (85 percent); limit rate increases on adjustable rate mortgages (82 percent); provide quality healthcare to all, regardless of ability to pay (81 percent); impose higher tax incentives for alternative energy (81 percent); provide government-funded childcare to all parents so they can work (77 percent); provide more paid maternity/dependent care leave (76 percent); make it less profitable for companies to outsource jobs to foreign countries (76 percent); expand unemployment benefits (76 percent).

Yet, we just experienced a 12 year Republican Congress, 8 years of a Republican president and a conservative wedge issue driven agenda nation wide.

Kind of puts used car salesmen and carnival barkers to shame doesn’t it?

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