Friday, August 29, 2008

Judicial Culture Changing, Money and Politics Corrupt Law. Big Surprise

I am encouraged to see the Government Accountability Board overseeing elections take on the issue of a corrupt election system, as orchestrated by those “law and order” Republicans, where money, politics and muddy waters obscure the judicial election process.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote:

Members of the state's elections watchdog said they would like to find a way to regulate the nasty, anonymous political ads that have cropped up in recent Supreme Court races. Government Accountability Board Chairman Thomas Cane said of the recent round of Supreme Court ads. “It also called into question the
character of judges. . . . One of the concerns you have is, are you going to have judges who are elected because of their political views instead of being independent judges?

“It’s changing the whole (judicial) culture right before my eyes,” said board member Michael Brennan.

What I found laughable was this response from Mr. partisan and right wing crazy WMC Vice President James Buchen, (who)told the board it should refrain from any limits so groups can educate the public about issues as they see fit.”

Is there anyone who thinks these special interest groups are really out to educate the public, or manipulated it?

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