Friday, August 15, 2008

McCain Plan for Social Security, Toss in Garbage Can

Is this a small incident or a party attitude? If the press liked jumping all over the symbolism of wearing a flag pin, they aught to really like an anniversary Social Security birthday cake getting tossed into the garbage by Republican campaign supporters of John McCain. files this one under "we can do anything we want and no one will care or hear about it."

In honor of the 73rd anniversary of President Franklin Roosevelt’s signing of the Social Security Act, the New Mexico Democratic Party attempted to sing “Happy 73rd Birthday to Social Security” outside of a McCain campaign office, “only to have the birthday cake thrown in the trash by the campaign”: While McCain supporters screamed, “Obama sleeps with a Teddy Bear and a night light,” staffers approached the Democratic group, yelling, took the 20 inch sheet cake that said “Happy Birthday Social Security” and threw it away.

Conchita Cruz, the press secretary for the Democratic Party of New Mexico, called the cake trashing a “perfect metaphor” for McCain’s approach to Social Security policy.

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