Sunday, August 31, 2008

Republicans Now Love Going After Big Oil Profits? VP Palin Put Them On the Spot

In defense of John McCain's ridiculous VP pick of Gov. Sarah Palin, conservatives are turning against their own, meaning energy campaign supporters and the lobbyists of big oil.

Have you noticed how Republicans love the idea of a Republican, like Palin, going after the major American oil companies so she could tax them. Similar to the Democratic proposal of a windfall profits tax, this IS a profit tax on big oil, something Republicans have denounced and blasted liberals for trying to pass.

So what happens now to the old familiar talking point: "The tax on big oil will only be passed along to the costumer at the pump?" Suddenly, the game has changed, because that's all this has been, a game.

And if you've been wondering about Gov. Palin's approval rating, could it have something to do with giving each Alaskan $1,200 to help them cope with high energy costs as a result of that big oil profit tax?

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