Friday, August 15, 2008

Sykes Promotes Racism and Bigotry, Gets Help From State Sen. Glen Grothman

Having been in radio for 28 years, and liberal talk radio for the last 8, it’s interesting to note that my home town Milwaukee doesn’t have one liberal radio show in a town that votes Democratic.

I’m sure it’s an oversight WTMJ and WISN will be correcting soon. The first thing they could do is put Charlie Sykes on overnights. Despite a slick radio program, he seems to often forget the details relevant to the complete story, resorting instead to his one sided view point.

Although his listeners except willingly the half assed approach to an issue, hell most conservatives do, the community is not served with an opposing majority view point.

Take for instance Sykes twisted, but intentionally deceptive spin, on the UWM’s turn to racism and bigotry. For Sykes, that’s Ok because it’s just part of our Constitutional right to push hate speech and belittle those who don't share the same views. Sykes offers up a flattering example of the College Republicans: They’re really proud of saving money by attacking gays and the minority student agenda. All under the guise of being fiscally conservative.

Charles J. Sykes, the J is so you don’t confuse him with anyone else that might be a Democrat. In a piece titled “Don't Look Now, but there are Conservatives on those Campuses,” which disproves the conservative stereotype of liberal college orthodoxy, he justifies the “get even” politics of the Party of “separate but equal.” He writes “imagine the surprise of UWM’s ever-so politically correct administrators, who now quite unexpectedly find themselves facing a conservative student pushback on issues ranging from free speech to the allocation of millions of dollars in student fees.”

In this case the politically correct view point is conservative, pushing back on free speech and student fees not in line with it’s exclusionary agenda.

Sykes notes: “Conservative students, running on a platform of lowering segregated fees (paid by students) and fiscal responsibility, won the student election by a 2-to-1 margin. “We saw this as a mandate,” recalls A.J. Piwarun, who is now deputy speaker of the student Senate.”

It’s funny how a conservative win is always a mandate, which is code for ignoring opposing viewpoints, and the myth that conservatives are in someway “fiscally responsible.” Looking at the current U.S. economic disaster, sorry guys, that train left the station.

Sykes writes: The most publicized incident came last December, when conservative groups hosted a visit to campus by Walid Shoebat, a former Arab terrorist who speaks on “Why I Left Jihad.” The Muslim Student association, which praised the UWM administration’s “constant support for diversity, cultural awareness, and tolerance,” demanded that Shoebat’s speech be cancelled. While allowing the speech to proceed, the administration decided to impose an unusual $2500 “security fee” for the event. Conservatives on campus immediately challenged the move, saying that fee was an attempt to stifle their free speech rights. The usual fee was between $300 and $500, but never more than $1000. UWM officials insisted that the special fee wasn’t an attempt to kill the event, but merely to assure that they could maintain security in the event of protests. Marquette University Law Professor Rick Esenberg (a UWM alumnus) wrote that the administration’s decision to charge conservatives an excessive fee was unconstitutional. Within days, the administration backed down, announcing it would waive the fee.

Sykes conveniently leaves out the fact the speaker is so politically charged he is constantly drawing threats, and needs a lot of extra security. That costs money. Oh yea, these Republican freeloaders don't like to spend their hard earned cash.

Shoebat would have you believe that terror lurks around every corner and only fear will protect you. See video below.

Sykes continues: UWM’s decision, however, did not put the matter to rest. State Senator Glen Grothman (R-West Bend), noted that liberal administrators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison had similarly imposed exorbitant fees for events sponsored by conservative groups on that campus. When College Republicans, for example, invited controversial author David Horowitz to campus last fall, campus police socked them with a $1300 bill. Grothman said that “it is clear the UW is using ‘security fees’; to try to silence any voices which may be out of step with the hardcore left-wing orthodoxy found in so many liberal arts classrooms. The UW has been unable to name any similar fees charged for left-of-center speakers.”

Again, as part of Horowitz's "sideshow" plan for press coverage, he brags of being threatened and boasts of his added security. The guy is a walking hate monger, couched as an academic.

So the obvious is brought up by Sykes, who simply doesn't get the difference between people who advocate hate and division, from those opposed to these sick conservative values.

Sykes continues: The UW administration also came under fire from conservative student groups on campus. Sara Mikolajczak, the chair of the University of Wisconsin College Republicans noted that “when Michael Moore, George Galloway and Howard Zinn came to our campus, no fees were charged to anyone who sponsored those events. Isn’t it ironic that the only student organization to be assessed these exorbitant fees is the College Republicans? I really don’t think so.” Grothman asked the Board of Regents to “take immediate action forbidding its campuses from charging security fees for on-campus speakers.”

Nice try guys, but hate mongers attract hate. If you don't want to pay for their protection, don't invite them.

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