Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Harrold School District Arming Teachers with Guns Started in Wisconsin

If you've seen my take on the Harrold School decision to pack heat (guns), then you might enjoy this. The sent me this reminder of our own Wisconsin State Rep. Frank Lasee (la-say), and his crazy idea to arm teachers here. I'll let the tell the rest of the story.

After it was reported last week that the Harrold school district in Texas would allow teachers and staff to carry hidden and loaded guns inside its schools, Texas Governor Rick Perry has recklessly come out to say that he supports the idea.

This is hardly the first, nor the last time, these ludicrous ideas will surface. mocked Wisconsin State Rep. Frank Lasee when in Oct. 2006 he suggested on ABC News that we should be arming teachers in our schools.

GunGuys said of Mr. Lasee:
In fact, Frank Lasee's idea was so insane, that even his own cousin Alan Lasee-- the Senate president at the time -- called Frank's proposal insane but also dead on arrival. Last fall, Lasee was quoted on ABC News about his crazy proposal: "I want to end the turkey shoots that go on in our's part of the puzzle of making our schools a safer place for our children."

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