Friday, August 15, 2008

Republican Assassination Agenda Appeals to Unhinged Right Wingers

From time to time, Bradblog features a story that doesn't have anything to do with voting, and the following exclusive is as timely as it is a warning. It coincides with what I call the "assassination agenda" by the Republican Party and it network of fringe spokespeople. I've trim the story a bit, so if you want all the details, I encourage you to click on the title and dig deeper.

Exclusive: Death Threats Against Obama and 'Traitorous Liberals' Posted On Rightwing O'Reilly Contributor's Website
Fox 'News' Host's Misleading, Smear Report Decries 'Far-Left' Websites for 'Vicious Attacks' as's Amanda Carpenter Joins Him in Ignoring Multiple Threats Posted on Her Own Website

'Pray They Are Defeated by Ballot Instead of Bullet,' Warns One of the Ominous Posts Made in Early July and Still On the Site as of Today...

But O'Reilly and Carpenter, clearly have been protesting a bit too much, as it turns out Carpenter's own website is guilty of the same --- and even far worse --- "vicious" attacks --- and potentially even illegal ones --- including death threats issued against Barack Obama and "traitorous liberals." The multiple threatening comments are posted on the Townhall blog of rightwing radio host and blogger, Hugh Hewitt. They were posted on July 10th of this year, and as of this posting on August 14th, still remain on the popular rightwing website which requires registration before commenters are allowed to post...Hewitt characterizes a win by Obama as a "signal [to] the jihadists" of "hope of an American retreat."

In reply, a blogger named "Akennas" promises "A day of reckoning" before describing his/her intentions to "hunt down" the "liberal our midst.""

I said traitors intentionally," Akennas writes. "I know more than one military man and woman stationed overseas who cannot wait to rotate back once the job over there is done and complete the work of fighting all enemies foreign AND domestic, Posse Comitatus be damned, and hunt down the Copperheads in our midst. Traitors, be afraid. Be very afraid.These aren't threats. These are blood-oath promises. You don't allow cancer to grow - you cut it out before it kills you.There is a cancer growing in this country, and it is called Marxist leftism, which has found a willing home in the Democratic Party...It is reaching its culmination in the Obama campaign. Pray to God they are defeated by the ballot, which will make the bullet unnecessary. I have never seen things more clearly than I do right now. The time for compromising with evil is over. It is time to destroy it, before it destroys me, my family and our liberty. There are some things worth fighting for, dying for and, yes, killing for. It is better for one man to die than for a whole nation to perish."

Though Hewitt's Townhall site offers a "Flag as Offensive" link, apparently nobody at the site bothered to flag any of Akennas' posts, or they did so, but the moderators at Townhall didn't find them worthy of removal. "I think we've proven our point that the real haters in America are on the far-Left," O'Reilly avers in last night's segment.

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