Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ryan's New Hope? You believe Obama's actually ending Medicare, Obama lost 6 million jobs, debt ceiling threat not blackmail!!!

Rep. Paul Ryan's in trouble, and he knows it. His wonkish arrogance has turned into hyper demagoguery. This genius not only has no clothes, he's indecently exposing himself as a mind swirling spinmeister and liar. Democratic challenger Rob Zeban has just been offered another gift that keeps on giving.

In this clip from Upfront with Mike Gousha (goo-shay), Ryan dares to attribute the recent GOP deceptions about the Affordable Care Act, to the current criticism of his own plan to end Medicare as we know it. Truth verses rationing and death panels.

Since the public has soundly rejected his plan, he is  now resorting to the desperate claim Obama is actually ending Medicare, by cutting off the health care industry's subsidized bribes to cover seniors in the Advantage plan.

In this affront to our intelligence, he uses the missed unemployment prediction the administration and Mark Zandi gave for the stimulus. You know, the exact science of "seeing into the future." That's Ryan's best argument?

Ryan even makes his case for the GOP's fear mongering tactic that it's now or never on slashing our debt, even though Ryan voted 5 uncontested times to raise it under Bush, while running up a $1.3 trillion deficit. But NOW it's an emergency... or just blackmail. I added my own commentary to the video:

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