Thursday, July 14, 2011

Conservative Leaning Politifact Continues to Muddy Controversial Republican Position on Medicare.

WISGOP sent out this press release: Shelly Moore Busted for ‘misleading’ and ‘ridiculous’ Flier

WISGOP is referring to a Politifact "pants on fire" rating for Moore's claim that her August recall opponent Sen. Sheila Harsdorf supported ending Medicare as we know it. 

Politifact continues to deny the obvious, with this simpleton logic that pretends Ryan is somehow enhancing Medicare:

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyzed Ryan’s proposal and found that it will save the government money. It does so by asking future Medicare beneficiaries to pay more for insurance, PolitiFact National has reported. Critics call that a "voucher" plan but Ryan does not. He says more choices for Medicare participants would increase competition and drive down cost.

Politifact’s wording above shows bias and support for Ryan’s plan, which would explain why they continue to muddy the waters. But then what about Harsdorf?

But has Harsdorf come out in favor of it? When we asked Moore for backup, campaign aides cited two pieces of evidence.

One was a video of a brief, taped conversation Harsdorf had July 3, 2011, in Hudson with a woman who wanted to know her position on Ryan’s Medicare plan. But rather than voicing support, as Moore’s campaign claims, Harsdorf pointedly -- and repeatedly -- does not take a position.

Not taking a controversial position says what? She’s a Republican. The party known for its 100  percent opposition to the new deal and Medicare program. Gee, I wonder if she’s for the Ryan program. Can’t tell huh. Hell, Horsdorf didn’t even come clean in a personal interview with Politifact.
"I’m really focused on state issues," Harsdorf offered -- a stance she repeated in an interview with us. But the video doesn’t indicate support -- or even opposition -- so it’s not much backing at all for Moore’s claim.

Because as we all know, some Republicans support Medicare, right?  

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