Saturday, September 8, 2012

Brookfield Wealthy now Whine About Overcrowding? And, they still Don't Get It.

While some parents weren't happy having a school closed, and probably still voted for Walker, many other parents are now shocked to find their kids class sizes stretched to the max.

Boohoo I say. Wealthy Republicans in Brookfield can now live with this "surprise" development. They were warned, but conservative voters lifted their noses at the whiny resentful lefty's at the ballot box, saying liberals were just bad losers.

I say, enjoy shortchanging your kids education tightwads. TMJ4:

A "class-size controversy" at one school district - just months after a school was closed. Hillside Elementary was closed because of budgets and shrinking attendance. But now parents are frustrated because of over-crowded classrooms  "We have voiced our concern on that and hoping that they'd add another teacher," said parent Jackie Smith.

Jackie Smith's concerned about her daughter's fifth grade class. It's one of four at Swanson Elementary pushed to it's maximum size. "I certainly don't like that there are 30 kids in the class." Tonawanda Elementary is in similar shape.

The hike in enrollment comes on the heels of Hillside Elementary's closure this spring. District leaders consolidated for budget reasons. Brookfield Elementary absorbed students from Hillside.  But redistricting sent some Brookfield students to Swanson.
Even in the face of this bad news, these conservative cheapskates still don’t get it:
Jackie Smith understood Hillside's closing.  But she fears the district failed to address the impact it would have on other classrooms.  "We're adding 50, 60, 100 kids to your school, but we're not hiring any more teachers," she said.
No shit. It’s those wonderful Walker tools working again.
In fifth grade classes it will add an assistant after exploring the options … Not all parents find that an acceptable solution. They'll get to voice their concerns at a school board meeting next Tuesday night.

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