Saturday, July 10, 2010

Conservative Bigots and Racists Take United Stand: Ozaukee County Apologizes to Arizona for MATC Boycott

Fear of immigrants and their ability to steal jobs away from Americans, basically getting something (job) for nothing (not becoming a citizen), is the bane of conservative orthodoxy.

The mind numbing fear that some didn't "earn" what they received, according to these judgemental authoritarians, is reason enough arm themselves with guns and start a new wave of McCarthyism. And judging by the nationwide exceptance of Arizona's "Show us your papers" law, the economic downturn has turned average Americans into "backed into a corner" animals.

Hats off to Rep. Joe Barton's outrageous BP apology heard around the world.

Wisconsin State Journal: By a narrow margin, the Ozaukee County supervisors voted to apologize to the people of Arizona whose feelings might have been hurt by Milwaukee Area Technical College's decision to endorse the international boycott of the state.

The MATC board's decision to join the boycott was in keeping with another historic tradition: that of withholding economic support from governments that show disrespect for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, civil liberties and civil rights.

In what tradition was the Ozaukee County Board's apology?

Presumably, that of Ozaukee County, where locals rioted during the Civil War because they did not want to join the fight against slavery, where Joe McCarthy always received a warm welcome and where residents have with their votes cheered on Congressman James Sensenbrenner's emergence as one of the nation's leading immigrant bashers. No one should be surprised that a majority of Ozaukee County Board members concluded that criticism of Arizona's intolerant and divisive actions is somehow "divisive and intolerant."

What a proud history. Enough said.

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