Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey Prius Owners, Hit the god damn gas peddle. Or is that STUCK in the up position?

Visions of the future always include predictions of an atrophied human body, devoid of any physical exertion with limp hanging muscles. Perhaps hybrid car drivers right legs have already evolved, or devolved, sooner than expected.

I have always loved the Prius. I am now rethinking that. Is it me or does it seem Priuses are slower than filled dump and cement trucks? Are Priuses slower than 18 wheelers? Normally, I would have thought the following was a good idea:

Wisconsin State Journal: The fleet of 10 Toyota Priuses, purchased new at Smart Motors, has been at Schmidt's Auto to get trailer hitches attached to the back of the cars. The small cars won't be towing anything, but the hitches were needed to then attach the Saris bike rack each taxi will receive.
Perhaps we should rethink turning out more Priuses until Toyota figures out a way to include a gas peddle. What made them think they could rely on their idling engine to accelerate from a full stop.

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