Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Keeping Watch Over Racism, NAACP keeps in Check the Tea Party Dodo's

It's what a little criticism can accomplish. Thank you NAACP. It's a check, so to speak, on the out of balance Right Wingnut fringe. The media should try it sometime.

Ever wonder why the conservative movement is so extreme? No one is calling them out on their outrageous behavior and campaign of lies. Death panels anyone? That whole issue should have been roundly put to sleep immediately, but wasn't. Hell, we were just having a debate, right? Imagine now the end result of the NAACP's push against the racist edge of the tea party movement, a change brought about by activism.

Washington Post: Fresh on the heels of the banishment of Tea Party Express and founder Mark Williams on Sunday, another tea party group is reaffirming opposition to racism. Following Williams's satirical mock letter to Abraham Lincoln from NAACP President Ben Jealous in which Williams called slavery a "great gig," Tea Party Nation issued a statement Monday appearing to condemn Williams without mentioning his name. The group says it has a "zero tolerance policy against racism" and "will ban any members who show themselves to be racist." Tea Party Nation is perhaps best known for hosting the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville earlier this year.

The issue rose to prominence last week after the NAACP passed a resolution condemning racism within the tea party movement at its national convention.
As most of you are aware, one of the leaders in the tea party movement posted a controversial blog many took to be racist. The Tea Party Movement is not racist. Tea Party Nation and many other groups have repudiated racism and racists. We have banned members who were racists and will ban any members who show themselves to be racist.

It's a start but by no means enough. As we all know, this movement didn't start when Bush was president and the economy crashed. For many in the tea party movement, they remember where we were January, 19, 2009.

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