Friday, July 23, 2010

Sen. Candidate Ron Johnson: Running on Unbridled Hate

We never had it as good as when the Republicans controlled everything.

Thanks to Uppidy Wisconsin and for this expressive video revealing the unnatural hatred of the Democratic Party, the desire for one party rule (it only works for Republicans) and senate candidate Ron Johnson's SHORT approving answer.

Audience Member: Today I am very, very worried about this country, where it is going. As I study history and look at the historical thing I see right now a liar, a cheat, a criminal, a dishonest person who lied his way into the White House; and we are sitting with a Marxist anti-American, American-hater sitting in the White House, who seems bound and determined to destroy this nation.

Different Audience Member: Rich is that your question?

Audience Member: Yes. Do you agree? Let me finish. My point, I guess what I’m saying it is so important for people like Mr. Johnson who understands this [inaudible] to be elected. It’s important for the people who are out there who don’t understand what this whole thing was about, that they begin to understand so that a Reagocrat[?] like Feingold, ah…Dumocrats like Kagen and others out there are removed from office so that this country gets back on a…gets back on its path. Do you kind of agree with that? (Laughter)

Ron Johnson: I’m not…I’m not going to argue with…arm wrestle you about it.

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