Saturday, July 10, 2010

In Wisconsin, the Governor is to blame for the economy. In Nevada, it's Sen. Harry Reid, no matter what Sharron Angle says.

I had to laugh. Here in Wisconsin, the Republicans are blaming our outgoing Democratic governor for the recession, improving jobless numbers and the 2.6 billion dollar deficit. The GOP leads in all the recent polls, but by a slim margin, meaning voters believe them. In fact, conservatives actually believe Gov. Dolye could have prevented all this. But wait.

In Nevada, Republicans are saying just the opposite, where the outgoing Republican governor isn't being blamed for the horrific mess he and his party have left their state. In fact, despite leading the nation in unemployed workers, 14 percent, and a gigantic deficit:

Republican nominee for Nevada governor Brian Sandoval continues to hold onto a more than 20 point lead over Democrat Rory Reid, according to a survey conducted Tuesday.
Advantage Republicans?

Surrealistically, sure. But not only aren't Nevada voters blaming the governor, they're shifting the sorry state of their economy onto Sen. Harry Reid. Sharron Angle may be an extreme clueless ideologue, but she's winning the blame game.

U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle on Friday denounced Majority Leader Harry Reid as a "desperate man" who was distorting her conservative record while ignoring a state that leads the nation in joblessness, foreclosures and bankruptcies. Angle sees Reid as responsible for the state's reeling economy.
Angle leads Harry Reid by about 7 percentage points, even after saying she'll do away with Medicare, a flash point for tea partiers, and claiming "as your U.S. senator I am not in the business of creating jobs." No really, she that and still leads.

Nevada deserves what it gets, but we don't. Check out the kind of lawmakers winning the hearts of Republicans everywhere:

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