Friday, July 23, 2010

Huh oh, Ryan Suffering Delusions of Grandeur: On his "Road Map" to a Dickensian Future: "I've gotten (a) great response from Democrats."

Ever wonder what would happen with a near super majority of Republicans in the Senate when it came to privatizing Medicare and Social Security? A few conservaDems would put an end to a possible filibuster and help the Republicans wipe out The New Deal. On Greta Van Susterin Fox News show, Ryan said this

Paul Ryan can dream, can't he?

The Hill: Rep. Paul Ryan claimed this week that some Democrats are supportive of his sweeping blueprint to balance the budget — just not publicly ... “But I’ve also had Democrats who say, ‘If it weren’t so political I would go for this,’” he said. “When the microphones are turned off, I’ve gotten great response from Democrats,” Ryan said. “The problem is we have this political paralysis.”

Under Ryan’s … Road Map for America’s Future, those younger than 55 today would receive vouchers to purchase private insurance coverage in lieu of having Medicare’s single-payer coverage kick in when they hit 65 … “I don’t want to turn the safety net into a hammock,” he told Fox.
No one wants to see a Grandpa or Granny in their 80's, living out the rest of their lives in peace, comforted by a big old government hammock. Are there no work houses….

But recently on Fox News: Ryan:
"What I don't want to turn the safety net into a hammock. It ends up draining them of their incentive and will to make the most of their lives. That's the big philosophical difference. On the left they don't like it. On the right, they like it.

I can't help but wonder why.
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  1. Of course you know where I stand on Paul Ryan. But here's my take on his ideological weirdness that you've touched on. Ryan has been blaming future uncertainty and tax uncertainty on the free market's reluctance to create jobs, while at the same time he wants to strip "certainty" away from workers and seniors because "it ends up draining them of their incentive and will to make the most of their lives."

    So, why is "uncertainty," which is a tenet of free market risk, so undesirable in the free markets, according to Ryan. But so important for others to have in order to make the most of their lives?

  2. That is the missing piece, and a great observation. It will be a part of any future discussion and story about Ryan, I will make sure of that.

    It directly disproves Ryan's contention that Democrats are the true fascists, by creating government laws to protect corporate interests. In fact he would do away with corporate uncertaintly, while creating citizen uncertainty, putting their political party in the power position to an insecure populous