Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Save Health Care Money, Cut the Board in charge of controlling cost? You still Don’t get why We Had a Great Recession.

The title says it all, almost. Here’s the mind numbing thought process behind the Republican plan to control health care costs, as written by Roll Call:

On Tuesday afternoon, a handful of Republican Senators answered that question, introducing a bill to scrap the Independent Payment Advisory Board created by the new health care law. The board is charged with helping to control health care costs, and GOP critics say it will lead to the rationing of care.

“America’s seniors deserve the ability to hold elected officials accountable for the decisions that affect their Medicare, but IPAB would take that away from seniors and put power in the hands of politically appointed Washington bureaucrats,” said the bill’s author, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn (Texas). “This bill to repeal IPAB is just one step toward starting over with real health care reform.”

Good God!

Could it be Republicans would love to make sure health care reform doesn’t work by getting rid of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, and the cost controls that go with them? Beautiful.

So Cornyn would not want to control health care costs, because unelected bureaucrats APPOINTED BY POLITICIANS aren’t accountable. But elected POLITICIANS appointed the bureaucrats, right, which would make them accountable to their constituents.

They really do think we’re as dumb as their core voters.
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