Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Try to Debate with Conservative Zealots. Their Unsourced Fantasy Ideology of Failures just more Liberal Spin.

I recently joined in on a conservative Facebook conversation that turned ugly after awhile. It seems political and economic criticisms of the failed free market ideology are considered "insults" and "name calling," and beneath them to take seriously. In fact I was uninvited a number of times because, as you can see from my blog, I have nothing to offer and no proof (in the form of links) to back up my claims.

So as proof there is no possibility that the right wing will ever come to their senses, or even consider and tolerate an opposing viewpoint, I would like to offer up exhibit A below:
Kenneth C*****r commented: "John, we don't want to add to the deficit. We just don't want the government in charge of spending this much money any more. We are talking (you had better sit down, this shocks liberals) MASSIVE CUTS. Eliminate the Federal Reserve. Eliminate the Department of Education. Eliminate the IRS and go with a flat tax or fair tax. 20% cut in all other branches of government. Remove bureaucrats at the federal level and give most power back to the states.
A few points a disagreement; "Eliminate" is a costly alternative conservatives never want to bring up, and a choice restructuring that would push the deficit into the stratosphere. On the tired subject of doing away with the Department of Education, with the political objective of destroying the Democratic Party's biggest supporters- the teachers union, that would be like WalMart blowing up their business model and telling each store to do anything they want. There's no way to measure outcome or replicate what works. That's what you would get with privatization.
The tax cuts would not increase the deficit, even the OMB says supply side economics work. With the increased revenue to government from the tax cuts, plus major spending cuts we can turn this fiscal mess around.
Kenneth offers no proof the OMB ever supported supply side during the Obama administration, unless he's talking about the presidents appointed Fiscal Commission Republican members pushing the idea. I don't know.
Bush was an idiot his last term. The TARP was WRONG. His illegal immigration policy attempt was wrong. So don't harp about Bush to me. He was a RINO globalist.
Kenneth never mentions how conservatives never did lift a finger to complain to their party, but instead, called the opposition "Bush haters."
This is working In New Jersey. Gov. Christie is slashing government. It's about time government lived like we do. We do more with less.
How long has Christie been governor? Let's wait for the eventual consequences of his dictatorial policies.
No more planes for stretch Pelosi, no more jaunts to the Dominican Republic for Rangle.
Here Kenneth throws in the obligatory "scary liberal" name drop, "Rangle," and would choose to expose the house leader to deadly FBI confirmed threats.
The deficit has quadrupled under that jackass on chief. That cannot be questioned.
Yes it can be questioned, because it's a flat out lie...but Kenneth sounds so sure of himself, doesn't he?
It is now his government, it is now his responsibility, he cannot (but does) continue to blame Bush for his fiscal woes.
It's no longer Bush's recession. How simple is that?

I did not vote for him, but I have always had respect for the president. I will state this clearly.... He is NOT my president. He does not have my respect. I hope he fails. I want his butt impeached, and I want him in jail. I despise what he has done to this country. I would just as soon deport him and those in power who think like him. That is MY personal feeling. I don't care if you approve or not. You can all go as for all I care."
Remember when we disagreed with Bush policies and were called Bush haters? They forced many of us to saying we didn't HATE Bush. It appears it's alright to DESPISE Obama though, and hope he fails, so we can all live in poverty and elect Republicans.

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