Saturday, July 10, 2010

Armed and Ready for a Possible Assault at Church, Open Carry Woman Scares Everyone Around her.

Someday someone is going to win a case against carrying guns in the open due to the publics fear and feeling America is no longer safe, one of our constitutional protections. Until then, we have to deal with scary gun owners who never grew out of that belligerant rebel stage.
A Unitarian Universalist church might well be the last place you'd expect to
find someone wearing a gun. From WTMJ4:

Maybe that's why Krysta Sutterfield chose the Unitarian church in Brookfield for an open-carry demonstration … By the time three squad cars arrived, Sutterfield was driving away. She was stopped, and police found the loaded 9mm gun in a zipped case on the passenger seat. She was handcuffed, taken to the police station, processed and ticketed for having the loaded gun in her car.

Caryl Sewel, president of the congregation at Unitarian Universalist Church West, said "I didn't feel comfortable asking her why she was wearing the gun. Truthfully, we found it very intimidating," especially in light of the 2005 shootings at a church service at a Brookfield hotel that left eight people dead, and a 2008 shooting at a Unitarian church in Tennessee that killed two people … other members did ask Sutterfield, and she replied she was expressing her 2nd Amendment rights.
It's just one example of "conservative chaos" foisted off onto the public as some kind of social experiment with bullets.

Last year, state AG J.B. Van Hollen advised law enforcement that open-carry was not, in itself, a basis for a charge of disorderly conduct. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the 2nd Amendment right of most individuals to possess firearms applies to the states, and within a day, one Wisconsin district attorney said he would no longer prosecute cases of concealed carry or transporting uncased or loaded guns in vehicles. A challenge to Wisconsin law banning guns within 1,000 feet of a school is pending in federal court.

Jeri Bonavia, executive director of the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, disagrees with the basic open-carry tenet that armed law-abiding people deter criminals. "When people make a decision to carry a gun or that a gun will keep them safer, they have the opportunity to analyze risks and benefits. They get to decide," she Bonavia said. "But when they bring it into public, they're forcing their analysis on all of us." Broad research shows, she said, that "guns, overall, do not promote public or personal safety."
Remember the open carry advocate robbed of his gun by an armed thief who targeted him for...his handgun.


  1. Oh my... someone should loose their rights because others are afraid to be around them? Sounds like blacks in white restaurants in the 40/50's. I thought us liberals were supposed to be over that by now. You and all.

    Here is a great article by fellow a liberal that explains why we should stand up for the second amendment.

    I happen to agree with the author. Open your mind. THINK!

  2. For many of us, we think guns kill. Bad analogy by the way.

    For many of us, being around people with guns is scary, not to mention a danger. We don't know these people, and have no clue what issues they have with society that makes them think they need to carry a weapon.

    Open carry restricts my freedom and liberty, doesn't insure domestic tranquilty and doesn't make me feel secure in my own country. I don't want gun nuts influencing my kids with their immature hobby.

    I know, it's a radical thought, but think about it. Open your mind.

  3. Clap trap talking points.

    I just finished the reference article. The militia was the citizen army, before the National Guard.

    I'm so tired of this argument. Sadly, the conservative activist supreme court made an ideological change to the second amendment reading and century of interpretations. What it did was make the crazy gun nuts right, but only by the will of these judicial "legislators" on the supreme court bench.