Friday, July 9, 2010

Developers Have no Problem Making Taxpayers Pay for their Welfare.

Conservatives and tea party fringe elements looking for lower taxes have hitched their wagon to the wrong party. For every one of you anti-government, free market advocates reading this story, remember this key phrase; "property taxpayers covered that amount."

Private sector developers are just exploiting a laws gaping loophole, to shift their expenses to us, the property tax payer and small business owner.
A state law that provides farmland property tax breaks has allowed developers to shift nearly $5 million in taxes to residential and commercial property owners in roughly a dozen Wisconsin municipalities, according to a study state auditors released Thursday.

The law was meant to give farmers a tax break, but some say builders have been taking advantage of the law by planting crops on parcels intended for development.
Former Republican candidate for senate and developer Terrence Wall planted pumpkins on land he owned to avoid paying taxes, shifting that burden to ME.
Taxpayers in the town of Akan in southwestern Wisconsin, for example, had to cover about $7,000. Taxpayers in the village of Twin Lakes in the state's far southeastern corner had to take on about $911,000 in additional taxes. Lawmakers could restrict eligibility based on ownership, farm income and parcel size to ensure farmers are the sole beneficiaries of the law, the report said.

Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, who called for the review last year, said the Legislative Audit Bureau's study confirms developers are exploiting the law.
Are developers feeling any pangs of guilt?
The Wisconsin Builders Association said the study was too narrow to draw any conclusions and legislators should leave the law alone. "The development industry is in a deep recession. You don't raise taxes on an industry that's already struggling to survive. That would be poor public policy."
What about raising taxes on the "already struggling" FAMILY, trying to survive?
Let's just put it this way, "Poor public policy" would be allowing developers to shift their tax burden, by letting "property taxpayers covered that amount."

Still believe in Wealth Care?

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