Friday, July 30, 2010

Running for Governor, and Running from a Flood, that's our Scott Walker.

Looks matter most for Republicans. Wearing flag pins, waving flags, carrying a pocket constitution, standing for the pledge, being seen praying in public, having fireworks, looking tough on crime and terrorism, not wearing a helmet or seat belt, smoking around people that don’t, carrying guns, dressing like the founding fathers, complaining a president doesn’t appear and a boy scout event or national cemetery…you get the idea.

So it is a BIG DEAL when a Republican blows a chance to “LOOK” concerned.

Wisconsin State Journal: After heavy rainfall and flooding caused millions of dollars in damages to Wisconsin - even triggering a sinkhole in Milwaukee big enough to swallow a Cadillac Escalade - Democratic candidate for governor and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett toured areas damaged by the rains over the weekend. And Republican candidate Scott Walker, the Milwaukee County executive, made campaign stops in places like Wausau, Eau Claire, and Pulaski.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin was quick to point out the difference, releasing a video about the two candidates and their weekend activities. "Tell Scott Walker that a real leader is there for his constituents, not his own career," the Dem's ad reads.

In a horribly concocted response, "refudiated" by local news:
Walker's campaign promptly accused Democrats of trying to use the storms to boost Barrett's campaign. "Scott spent all Friday touring flood damage, visiting with victims, issuing a disaster declaration, actively seeking state and federal assistance, and is receiving constant updates on flood relief efforts," Walker campaign manager Keith Gilkes said.
Yes, he was right there, as the video clearly reveals, from BagScottWalker?

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