Saturday, July 10, 2010

Repeal Smoking Ban? This is what a New Republican Governor Will focus on?

So much for lowering medical costs due to smoking, or for that matter, protecting the public health. Imagine proposing a repeal of car seat belts, or promising to bring back leaded paint. Gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann has finally hit on a liberty and freedom the founding fathers surely meant to protect:

Wisconsin State Journal: The smoke has barely cleared and already candidates are lining up to bring it back. Mark Neumann, a Republican candidate for governor, said Friday that if elected, he would repeal the state's nascent smoking ban … he feels the ban - less than a week old - is a case of government overstepping its authority. People can decide whether they want to frequent places that allow smoking, he said … repealing the smoking ban was not a priority. "It would not make the agenda for my administration's first 25 days," he said.
So what can we expect from our Republcian candidates for governor? A lack of resolve to tackle the publics biggest problems. Instead, like repealing the smoking ban, we'll see more gut wrenching wedge issues filling the legislative docket and the front pages of our remaining newspapers.

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