Thursday, July 29, 2010

Republicans can’t stop Spending Taxpayer money on Phantoms from their own Mythology: VOTER FRAUD!!!

Remember the high cost of appearing tough on crime with truth and sentencing? Wow.
How about terrorism? And then there’s that border fence? Pre-emptive wars anyone? Gay marriage banning efforts? Pushing to expand the private health care system that’s already completely unaffordable? And one of the most imaginary efforts of all, VOTER FRAUD.

Wisconsin's attorney general launched an effort to help local prosecutors investigate voter fraud, which he called a widespread problem that taints elections. J.B. Van Hollen said his office will join with 11 district attorneys to expand a task force that has investigated hundreds of complaints of irregularities from the 2008 presidential election in Milwaukee County.
Everyone who is liberal (felons) is doing it, in unheard of large numbers...17?:

Prosecutors have charged 17 individuals with counts that include voting illegally as a felon, voting twice and committing voter registration fraud.

Oh yeah, JB was sure to make sure Democrats were listening, because after all, only liberals commit voter fraud:
But he said the bipartisan effort also would deter fraud by sending a message that enforcement was a priority.
Notice the following ridiculous way the press handled the whole idea of “voter fraud,” by simply treating the idea as if it has merit:

The announcement comes amid a raging partisan debate over how widespread voter fraud really is in Wisconsin. Republicans have long made the case, without much proof, that voter fraud is rampant ... Democrats accuse Republicans of hyping a bogus issue and trying to suppress minority voters. The Government Accountability Board, which runs elections, said recently that it had found no evidence of "any widespread, organized or systemic cases" of voter fraud in the 2008 election. But the board acknowledged a growing perception that it is a problem.

GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said the board handles less than 100 such cases in any given election cycle.

Sure it's a ploy to take attention away from GOP "ELECTION FRAUD," but they've got taxpayer money to burn on pure liberal baiting PARANOIA.

Van Hollen, for his part, said: "I personally believe that we do, and have had, widespread voter fraud."
Funny thing, Democrats aren't falling for the sucker punch.
Van Hollen's Democratic opponent, Scott Hassett, called any problems isolated and the task force "a waste of resources.""That does not exist," he said. "I think he's just playing to his base."
Again, how wide spread if "voter fraud?"
The Milwaukee cases filed so far include voter registration workers who turned in fake and duplicate names, a husband and wife who voted absentee and again at the polls, a man who voted under his dead wife's name and felons who voted illegally.

Hassett would not say whether he would disband the group if elected, but added, "I suspect I'll have much greater priorities than this."

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