Sunday, December 27, 2009

Will someone please take John Nichols liberal pundit card away.

I have never seen a more winded, self important liberal elitist crash and burn so quickly as Nichols. He's trying so hard to be the go to guy on the left, but never knowing when to shut up, that it really is painful to watch. He flounders on issues at the base of the Democratic agenda in a way that is destructive to the party.

In an editorial comment the Sunday after Christmas, with its huge after holiday sales supplements, Nichols spazzes out about how unfair it is for congress to make laws, health care reform in this case, around the holidays. Huh? He can't be serious. He is in a piece titled "Holiday Health Debate Failed Democratic Test."

The Senate vote on health care reform may well have been as “historic” as everyone on Capitol Hill claimed. But few in America noticed. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid … guaranteed the process would play while most Americans were taking care of kids out of school for the holiday break, rushing to complete their Christmas shopping, or trying to make it through the snow to the homes of relatives.

It is difficult to imagine a more anti-democratic schedule.

Intellectual stuff, isn't it? We can't shop while congress reforms health care? Nichols surreal trip down the rabbit hole continues.
…when the consideration of sweeping, complicated and historic legislation is rushed to completion while most voters cannot pay even a normal level of attention to the process, the resulting legislation will inevitably be more representative of Washington-insider deal-making than the aspirations of the great mass of Americans.
Nichols repeats the Republican misdirection play that we're "rushing" to reform health care. Rushing? If 100 years is rushing, then Nichols has a point, but to repeat something so wrong by the party of NO is to give their argument credibility. Please don't try to help the Democrats John.

It is not healthy for a democracy to be making major decisions when the vast majority of citizens are distracted by a season that encourages them to focus on family and friends rather than the affairs of state.

A schedule that has the Senate wrangling about exceptionally complicated reforms with vast social and economic import even as Santa’s elves are loading the sleigh and children are nestling with visions of sugarplums in their heads is, frankly, ridiculous.

No John, you're ridiculous.

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