Sunday, December 13, 2009

GOP Stategist Diaz Makes Stunning Economic Case for Free Markets: Forget the Past!!!

Republicans have only one reason why we should not change the disfunctional status quo; increased taxes and job losses. That's it. That is the answer to every attempted change, necessary change, proposed by the Democratic congress. Republican strategist Danny Diaz didn't have to prepare for his appearance by crunching the numbers or researching the topic because "tax increases and job losses" hits Americans guts everytime. It works. Along with a sudden concern about paying of the debt?

Diaz, as well as all Republicans, believe that the only thing that matters now is decreasing the deficit and NOT LOOKING BACK at how we got here. If we just forget that, we can return to the same problems that caused the global economic crash. Now that's what I call freedom and free markets.

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