Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Republican Robin Vos Tough on Drunk Drivers, Tougher still on Ways to Pay for New Law.

As you might recall, Republicans are now saying that liberal policies are at fault for expensive tough on crime policies that are draining state coffers, and not their own testosterone driven authoritarian need to discipline. They also made sure Democrats looked soft on crime during elections. Now that states have come to their senses, realizing public services and education are now taking a back seat to prisons and truth in sentencing laws, Republicans are appear confused over which talking point to use, the old or the new.

On WPT's Here and Now, state Democratic Representative Mark Pocan explains the difficulty in paying for stricter OWI laws that will somehow stay revenue neutral. But when Republican Rep. Robin Vos praises the tougher rules, he trips himself up by complaining the laws should have been even tougher, and thus costlier, yet impossibly cheaper. No wonder Republicans ran the country into the ground. My head is hurting.

When asked where he would find other ways to pay for the tougher OWI law, Vos actually complained about a minor jump in fines for those caught driving drunk because many don't pay or can't afford it. So after saying he would have made the penalties tougher, he had no alternative way to pay for it. And that's having it both ways, if he can get away with it.

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