Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Feingold Challenger Wall Pushes Mythical "Economic Liberties."

Sen. Russ Feingold's Republican challenger, real estate developer Terrence Wall, would like to channel the Reagan years again because it treated government as the enemy. Wall is another guy who believes in the Reagan myth, and not the deficit producing, tax increasing Ronnie few people have heard about. Wall worries on Upfront with Mike Gousha, "Economic liberties are being taken away from us."

You know, the economic liberties we've come to know and love when we buy high priced health insurance policies that increase 10 to 35 percent each year, taking money out of our pocket and the economy. Apply those same "liberties" to cap and trade, even though suppliers raised rates anyway due to customers going green and the loss of manufacturing due to outsourcing. Wall even ignores the results of the Contract with America and the "deficits are okay" Republican congress that never attempted to tackle one social problem, except for saving Terri Shiavo.

Wall: "Unemployment is higher, I'd like to ask, are you better off today than 18 years ago...we have very serious problems...we need to solve. I don't see that happening."

Looks like we need to return to the last eight years of "economic liberties."

Terrence Wall's vision of a business friendly state includes finding ways for corporations to drive their trucks through every possible loophole. That means Wisconsin taxpayers will make-up for the lost state revenues. The Capital Times:

"A 2-acre piece of commercial real estate along bustling Greenway Boulevard owned by Terrence Wall Properties (had) been rented to a farmer, who this year planted a crop of pumpkins that were later sold to raise money for a Middleton youth group," essentially reclassifying the property "this year as agriculture property, saving the company about $34,000 in local taxes." Leaving no loophole unexploited, Wall took the side of the picked on victim saying, "That's the law; we're following it. But I guess in this town, no good deed goes unpunished."

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