Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rep. Hare Proposes "Newer Deal" that Includes an Updated version of the CCC. A Little History too.

FDR's Citizen Conservation Corp put American to work and helped bring the country out of the depression. Back then it was a "green" environmental program, similar to the Obama plan to convert the nation to a greener economy, but not quite as high tech. The CCC developed parks, restored depleted fields and forests and paid people $10 a day to do it. Their were dissenters back then like today, with the same old arguments about socialism and Hitler. Check out the following short history of the CCC:

So wouldn't it make sense to try and accomplish the same thing now, a 2009 version of the CCC, using part of the tarp money as a way to get people on their feet again and usher in a new economy. Ill. Rep. Phil Hare seems to come out of nowhere with a well throughout plan. Ed Schultz got some answers:

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