Monday, December 28, 2009

AT&T Monopoly Unaffected by Competition

First off, this is not an ad for Vonage, but could be. For years I've had the $25 package offered up by Vonage, and couldn't be happier. Vonage is a phone service for home users utilizing the internet. Despite a slight drawback on emergency 911 calls, there is a work-around for that, here's what $25 buys you; "U.S and Puerto Rico calls, along with free unlimited international calling to over 60 countries including India, Mexico and Canada." Now that's tough competition. No call limits, no long distance charges. AT&T hasn't noticed. From The Capital Times:

AT&T will increase rates for many U-verse video, data and voice packages … the U-verse Voice Unlimited plan will increase 16.7 percent, to $35 per month from $30 … The U-verse Voice 250 plan, which includes 250 minutes of calling time anywhere in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, is remaining at $25 per month.
Gee, a whole 250 minutes free. Don't do us any favors AT&T. The intentional melding of high rate plans for cell phones with home phone rate plans is AT&T's attempt to gouge customers. Home phone rates have been comfortably low for some time due to VOIP (voice over the internet protocall) phone services, biting into AT&T and other land line companies that were slow to change.

As a former Ma Bell customer, I personally can't imagine any phone service worth more than $30 a month, period. My mind freezes on the thought of a $50 to $60 a month bill just to talk on the phone.

AT&T's price increases just hardens my resolve. Go VOIP (internet phone services).

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