Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No Seat at the Table for Wisconsin Citizens When It Comes to Energy Prices and the Environment.

Failed County Executive and gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker is pretty upfront about who would have influence over government policy under his administration. Big business and big energy. His recent editorial comment at couldn't be clearer:

Wisconsin has lost 140,000 jobs and one-eighth of our manufacturing work force… if he (Gov. Jim Doyle) simply wanted to slow the exodus of good-paying jobs from Wisconsin, he would sit down with the 23 organizations representing Wisconsin manufacturers, paper companies, builders, food processors and small business pleading with him not to use his global warming task force to kill more Wisconsin jobs.
Did I miss the part where the people also had an invitation? Walker, like every other Republican corporate shill, uses the old "job killer" cliché' we've come to know and hate. You'll never hear them talk about the cost of health care for businesses being a "job killer" in the global market place, will you?

Walker inadvertently weakens his own argument with this simple statement of truth:

"Despite well-founded concerns that rising energy costs and environmental regulations have contributed to the greatest loss of manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin history…"
Forgetting about our one-sided free trade policies, Walker complains about "rising energy costs" brought about by big oil and energy, even before the creation of green energy mandates. Even worse, Walker blames our current environmental regulations on lost manufacturing jobs. Just what standards should be in place to make sure our water is not contaminated or smog alerts reduced, Scott?

Oh, I forgot, Walker will allow companies to do anything they want as long as they use the "job killer" sledge hammer strategy that has worked so well in the past. Think of all the money energy companies would save if they didn't have to run negative ads about "job killers" and "saving the environment" for future generations, and had the governor working for them instead.

Oh, and Scott, how many jobs did you create in Milwaukee County since you've been county executive?

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