Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Book About Justice Scalia Reveals Him to be a Conservative Activist Justice.

USA Today legal correspondent and author Joan Biskupic, appears on Upfront with Mike Gousha (Goo-shay) to talk about her new book, "An American Original, the life and Constitution of Supreme Court Justice Antinon Scalia. Tell me if her insights into Scalia don't make this guy out to be a partisan conservative activist supreme court justice.

"He's someone who's been incredibly influential, as some from the right wing, the very conservative end of the supreme court. On a court that's pretty conservative, even at its center."

"Especially with Justice O'Connor, it's almost like he kinda pushed her more to the left."

"He's always out there promoting his new book frankly, and also promoting his approach to, ah...LEGAL CONSERVATISM."

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