Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Corporate States of America

My conservative friend believes in capitalism. He is constantly complaining about "big government" with its high wages and generous benefits. Instead of bringing private sector wages and benefits up to the public level, he would prefer everyone be at the private level. It's crazy, I know.

The video below exposes the very private student loan provider, SallieMae, as the end product of the best government money can buy. You'll notice how SallieMae magically never loses a penny due to the generosity of the American taxpayer. But wait, I said private didn't I.

It's sad the tea party movement is based on low information voters, mindlessly protesting mythical problems and socialism, instead of trying to wrestle government out of the tight fists of corporate power. The video is a shining example of how diseased our democracy is right now.

From Now on PBS:

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