Saturday, December 19, 2009

Republican Challenger to Feingold Takes Health Care Off the Table, Deregulate Insurance Market.

As the press release states: "Dave Westlake, candidate for U.S. Senate from Watertown, announced today that his campaign is adopting "blaze orange" as it's official campaign color."

He's goin' huntin' for a dangerous liberal senate varmint, I reckon.

But besides the catchy gimmick, how does he really feel about the health care crisis:
“We already have 100% universal coverage to health care… emergency rooms... now, it may sound callous to say well, if you need health care and you don’t have health insurance, you know, find an emergency room, but it’s also the way the system has been designed, and it works.”
Is it any wonder why Republicans never brought up health care reform until now, and only after being forced to by the Democrats.

No problem, move along, nothing to see here....

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